Blessings from the Valley

Reflecting back on these past six years has granted me the awareness of the blessings I have received in the wake of tragedy. If I were to apply general human insight in attempts to define true blessings, I would be trapped in a valley that would be inescapable.

ValleyMany times our human perception is jaded as to what qualifies as a blessed life. The masses of society whether Christian or secular are under the spell that a care-free life without trial is their reward for something they have or have not done and gives the illusion that they are blessed because of it.

In truth, there is progress to be made from the pain brought on by of the trials of life. Of course, this is an easy claim, but in the midst of tragedy, our senses become blurred, and we struggle to find clarity. It is at this time that our anguish is at full strength and our ability to realize its temporal nature is out of reach; if there is purpose behind it, we are in no place to realize it, and we are in danger of casting blame where it does not belong. Unfortunately, God is more often than not the recipient of the stones we throw.

We must understand there is a Divine plan at work in these valleys we walk through. Jesus Himself tells us “…In this world you will have trouble” (Jn 16:33). He reminds us it will rain on the just and the unjust alike (Mt 5:45), so none of us are exempt. So when we are knocked to our knees, we are humbled and must learn to look up and seek God for the strength to continue. This will ignite a change in perspective that will grow our faith beyond our own understanding, and the occurrence of beauty from ashes will emerge.

So as we encounter the trials of life, we must remember their temporal nature and that God is at work refining our faith. We will be strengthened as we look to God to bring us through and find peace. And, above all else, these trials are of this world and do not have the power to follow us beyond and into our eternal home.

So, as for me, I am blessed and I give thanks to my heavenly Father for His provision over my life. I continue to learn to trust Him more as the earth below my feet is shaken.

May God Bless You and Give You Grace!

About Michael Cartwright

Follower of Christ Jesus! I am a person of patience, compassion and understanding. I have been married to my wonderful wife Stephanie since 1990. We have 3 children Dalton, Dylan and my late daughter Angelica (My Angel Girl) who ascended to the heavens on June 29, 2010. She continues to teach me many great lessons.
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3 Responses to Blessings from the Valley

  1. Gina Ramsey says:

    God bless you, friend! 😊

  2. Michael – God bless you for sharing this eternal perspective with us. You have experienced an intimacy with Him that few may find. May we look forward to that day when all tears are wiped away and there will be no more pain. ~Andy

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