Consumed Deception

Then the LORD God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”  The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” (Gen 3:13)

Throughout my journey, deception has been at the tip of any failing or misguided act that I have allowed to manifest. The trickery of these instances is born from any number of scenarios; whether a self-imposed internal conflict prompting a win at all cost attitude, an outsider that I permitted to rattle me with unwarranted pressure, or a simple, I deserve it approach, which I quantified to buffer the self-pity I may have been experiencing.

Once I have bit into and consumed the illusion of any of these scenarios, I have positioned myself to suffer the consequences of my actions. The truth is the enemy has woven himself within the fabric of these deceptions and it is my responsibility to turn to God and expose his evil presence. This is where Eve failed to trust in which resulted in the consumption of his deception.

Anxiousness becomes a warning sign for me. When I find myself in a rushed state, whether in thought or in the physical, my purpose becomes blurred which leads to struggle. At this point it becomes evident, deception is on the prowl and I must talk with God and allow His truth to surface. This communion with Him is vital in all that I do, but none more crucial than when conflict is present. For, it is conflict that leads to the danger of deception.

I pray as I go forward the deceptions I encounter are exposed with Gods truth, and I am able to slow down and release my attachment to conflicts, which also give birth to the danger of deception.

May God Bless You and Give You Grace.

About Michael Cartwright

Follower of Christ Jesus! I am a person of patience, compassion and understanding. I have been married to my wonderful wife Stephanie since 1990. We have 3 children Dalton, Dylan and my late daughter Angelica (My Angel Girl) who ascended to the heavens on June 29, 2010. She continues to teach me many great lessons.
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